Betliner Exchange accepts bets on the daily forecasts of the currency pair EUR/USD rate on the Forex market. The events with the tables of outcomes for bets are open on trading days of the world's leading financial centers.

The player is welcome to predict what the rate of the currency pair EUR/USD will be during the closing of the Forex market at 21:00 GMT Bloomberg. Betliner submits the events with its own fixed closing quotations of the Forex trading day, in which there are two possible outcomes: the closing rate larger than what is submitted, and a closing rate smaller than what is submitted. If Betliner`s quotation matches the real closing rate of the currency pair EUR/USD on the Forex market which includes four digit figures after the dot, than all bets will be counted as a draw. Which means the contracts will be cancelled and the money will be returned to the players’ gaming accounts.

If for any circumstances the trading on the Forex market is terminated prematurely due to any force majeure, the bets are cancelled and the money is returned back to the player’s account.

The changes in the rate of the closing market of Forex made by Bloomberg later than 24 hours from the closing time may not be the reason for cancellation of earlier calculated contracts.

Detailed Explanation on placing bets

Anyone wishing to participate in placing bets on Betliner has their own viewpoint of the outcome`s probability. According to the player’s viewpoint, he has to determine whether the real rate is more or less than what is proposed in Betliner`s quotation. Following, the player enters his probability which is expressed as a percent integer into the table of outcomes. He also enters the amount he is willing to risk, and sends his offer to the betting exchange. All the admitted offers by the exchange are shown in the tables of outcomes of events. Those admitted sums are divisible by the estimated probabilities.

When the sum of the offers on the opposite outcomes is 100 euro, the exchange forms a contract from those offers towards the following ratio sum of money. With a bet in the sum of 1 euro on each 1% of offer, the amount of the contract is 100 Euros. The player who wins the bet receives the entire pot. The exchange does not take a house fee if, prior to the contract being concluded, the player`s offer on a winning outcome was available in the tables of outcomes. The exchange charges a 2% house fee from the net winnings of the player that, having made a counter-bet, concluded a contract.

The most common bookmakers` coefficient winnings are obtained when dividing 100 by the probability of outcome measured as a percent (offer). The player can view the tables of outcomes by setting the button "Bet" with a blue background. By doing so, he can view the third column of the table that shows the maximum possible bet in order to form the contract immediately. The player may then enter the sum of the bet into the fourth column of the table.